Thursday, October 30, 2008

tuesday and wednesday

were good.

worked. +
hung with Jess and Janine. +
ate Jerseys pizza with Lauren and Kevin. +
talked politics with Kevin. -
went to the tyler mall to tie up some lose ends on my costume. +
drank. fruitezzia. :)

worked. +
went to the mall with Carynn. +
ate sushi at Ocean Blue with sister and friends. +
ate nubi with Ryan. +
watched TV and drank fruitezzia. :)

I am so excited that today is thursday cause that means tomorrow is friday and that means its HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! Im so excited to go trick or treating with the Fishers and hopefully the Youngsmas want to join. Like I said before Stella and Olivias costumes are absolutely amazing, I cant wait to see them together :). Then after the babies go to sleep or go to grandmas its PARTYYYY time at the house of rage aka Stafford, Logan, and Lil Ryans house! The only thing Im not looking forward to is waking up the next morning and having to work :(

Im so glad you're home


Mr. Curry said...

Um, how bomb is nubi?! Did you try the pumpkin flavor?

kali erin said...

i kinda miss redlands :-/

never thought id say that...