Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

tuesday and wednesday

were good.

worked. +
hung with Jess and Janine. +
ate Jerseys pizza with Lauren and Kevin. +
talked politics with Kevin. -
went to the tyler mall to tie up some lose ends on my costume. +
drank. fruitezzia. :)

worked. +
went to the mall with Carynn. +
ate sushi at Ocean Blue with sister and friends. +
ate nubi with Ryan. +
watched TV and drank fruitezzia. :)

I am so excited that today is thursday cause that means tomorrow is friday and that means its HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! Im so excited to go trick or treating with the Fishers and hopefully the Youngsmas want to join. Like I said before Stella and Olivias costumes are absolutely amazing, I cant wait to see them together :). Then after the babies go to sleep or go to grandmas its PARTYYYY time at the house of rage aka Stafford, Logan, and Lil Ryans house! The only thing Im not looking forward to is waking up the next morning and having to work :(

Im so glad you're home

Monday, October 27, 2008

miss bane

its official my name is Angela Bane again. Im not gonna feels good.

This weekend was hardcore fun filled. Ryans band played with Bleeding through for BT's CD release shows. They were alot of fun and seeing old friends was probably the best part! Stella went with us on Saturday to the show in San Diego. She was stoked to go to "Dogs Show" and hang out with Baby Zoe. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Last nights show was at Chain Reaction and it was also Ryans LAST show :). It was alot of fun, half of redlands was there, and I finally met the infamous Everett aka "the hamster"Photobucket You may recognize him from his vocals on Shit Lunch.

Heres some pics from my phone, not great but still good enough to document the night

my fave of the night

And even better Carynn and Shaye showed up later in the night as a SURPRISE! I missed her face

p.s. Lauren made Stellas Halloween costume and it is LEGIT. Olivia and Stella are definitely gonna be the jam on Halloween...oh yeah Toby too! Love her!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I worked felt good. I felt like a human again.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I do love fall

today was really least the first half. Stella and I just hung out, had lunch together then we went to Oak Glen to see the animals. Unfortunately mostly everything was closed, apparently its a "weekend" thing :) But we saw a pig, two chickens, and a rooster and Stella was completely satisfied. We got some treats at the village market and took some great pics.

We came home, had some dinner, and the 2 3/4 year olds mental breakdowns began. About what you ask? I wish I knew. I had been planning on going to the gym tonight since yesterday and I didnt want her attitude to change by mind so I went anyways. This was Stellas first night at the LA Fitness Kids Club. She went right in, it seemed as though everything was gonna go smoothly. Much to my dismay, I return to the lady that works there saying that my daughter "Sara" slapped 2 kids and a baby...A BABY. I was kinda embarassed, almost scared to let her return :(

Before the breakdowns and before the apple farms I took some pictures of her cause she looked so freaking cute...

Is there such thing as baby PMS?

p.s. country music + yoga...NOT down

some good ones that I forgot along the way

heres the venue we saw Tegan and Sara was SUPER COOL!

Stella got her "first REAL haircut" last tuesday.  She was so excited to have "two pony tails" while I cut here hair.  She let me wash her hair in the sink and everything. It was a lot of fun. 

My moms side of the family came up to Moreno Valley on Saturday, so everyone could get away from Escondido for a couple days.  Stella really took to my grandma, she LOVES her. I think she thinks shes a kid because shes only 4 feet 8 inches :)

Disneyland EXCITEMENT!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

first day back

with Ryan has been great.

Ocean Blue.
Bed Bath and beyond.
South Park.

Tomorrow...back to reality :(

Monday, October 20, 2008

Do what you want but I know who you are
Say what you want but I know what you're thinking
Go where you want but I won't be too far
Go where you want and I know where you'll end up

If you fall in love
Fall in love and hold nothing back
I'll fall in love
Fall in love and hold nothing back from you

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I totally forgot!!

yesterday was a big day for the photobooth on my computer. Heres some of my favesPhotobucket

I wish every day was like sunday

Stella and I went to disneyland today around lunch time and it was absolutely amazing! the weather was beautiful and even though there was a lot of people it wasnt unbearable.  Going there with just the Babe was a first time experience, and it was so much fun and more chill then I anticipated.  She sat in her stroller, waited in the necessary lines, and loved everything we did.  We rode the train around the entire park as soon as we go there and it was so very relaxing, it was definitely the perfect way to start the day. 
We rode the carousel, which she almost fell off of, and of course she didnt want it to end.
Then she wanted to go in the "mouth whale". 
The entire time we were there all she wanted was "pink candy", of course I didnt have cash so we had to hunt for an ATM, get ripped off by the fee, but soon enough we were able to indulge in the pink deliciousness we all know and love as cotton candy.
We rode some more rides and I didnt even have to tell her when we needed to go she let me know that she was tired and wanted to go home.  But we did a little photo shoot with some famous pumpkins before we left...

within 45 minutes


-woke up
-asked me to make her bed
-asked to watch Rob and Big
-asked for juice
-asked to lay down
-asked to watch "dancing movie"
-asked for something to eat
-needed to go potty

In between each request I would go back and lay down in my bed just trying to sleep past 8 am.
I understand this is a life of a mother but is it too much to ask to try to squeeze in a couple extra minutes of sleep? :)

Disneyland today. yipee.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Its a damn shame...

this man "resides" in SLC.

Stay. Please.

Nick Raymer aka Nicky El Camino, I think you and Roise NEED to move back to Redlands

p.s. I figured out what Im gonna be for Halloween kinda stoked!!!! 

p.s. x2 Ryan comes home in two days! I cant wait to kiss him!

p.s. x3 Carrie Carynn Chase and Clay, I love them!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

lovin' life

Yesterday was long and tiring at work.  After work we all hung at Stafford, Logan, and Little Ryans house. And it was great. Not much happened but just being surrounded by my friends when Im tired emotionally and physically can really do wonders on my existence.   
I love Carynn and Fruitezzia.  

I love Stafford and Logans witty banter.  

I love little Ryans hambone.

Then I get home and and get these in the mail...
I miss Ryan so so much and he'll be home in 5 days!  

Carrie and Carynn are the sweetest mother/daughter duo ever! I love being loved by them!