Sunday, October 5, 2008

love is watching someone die

Veronica walks over to her lover, best friend, father of her children, and husband of almost 52 years.  With family and friends surrounding her, she begins to whisper into the man of her dreams ear the deep deep love she has and always will feel for her ex navy man of 7 children.  She tells him that its okay for him to let go now.  She tells him that she is surround by the lovely children they both brought into this world.  Veronica whispers to George that she never thought it would be her waiting by the hospital bed.  She always thought she'd be the first to go, which is making this goodbye that much more difficult. That although it will be hard for her to move forward, she would be alright.  That he no longer needs to worry that he can rest and now be with Jesus.  She reminisces of how just looking into his blue eyes would melt her heart, and that they still had the same affect on her.  

I sat there in amazement wondering how you say good bye to your soul mate.  How many "I love you"s were said, how many kisses were kissed, and how many tears could have possibly been shed in 52 years.  I know that marriage and family isnt always a walk in the park, but seeing a family gathering together in honor of this man and the family he built, has been an intensely emotional experience.  Not only will I be mourning the loss of my dear grandfather Harold Andrews, I will be rejoicing in the fact that I am apart of a family and legacy that wasnt always perfect but definitely centered on love.


a couple pics from last night

Grams and I

no explanation needed...
Aunt Mary


Aunt Gail

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