Monday, October 27, 2008

miss bane

its official my name is Angela Bane again. Im not gonna feels good.

This weekend was hardcore fun filled. Ryans band played with Bleeding through for BT's CD release shows. They were alot of fun and seeing old friends was probably the best part! Stella went with us on Saturday to the show in San Diego. She was stoked to go to "Dogs Show" and hang out with Baby Zoe. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Last nights show was at Chain Reaction and it was also Ryans LAST show :). It was alot of fun, half of redlands was there, and I finally met the infamous Everett aka "the hamster"Photobucket You may recognize him from his vocals on Shit Lunch.

Heres some pics from my phone, not great but still good enough to document the night

my fave of the night

And even better Carynn and Shaye showed up later in the night as a SURPRISE! I missed her face

p.s. Lauren made Stellas Halloween costume and it is LEGIT. Olivia and Stella are definitely gonna be the jam on Halloween...oh yeah Toby too! Love her!

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