Tuesday, September 30, 2008

this is my friend...

Brent Vann.  He has cut off his dreads through out the whole day. He said he did it cause he had too much to drink at home and was only growing them till he was 30.  He says his hair looks weird and his head hurts. I think he pulls it off nicely. Apparently so does his wife Amy :)

-Ryan exceeding all levels of boyfriendhood even  a million miles away
-Movies with friends even though the movie was whatever
-Late night gym sesh
-Brents hair


apparently my boyfriend grew and he is now 8 feet tall

Casey and Robert at Target...they were looking for a basket for Caseys scooter :)

sasquatch exists

unfortunately so does Staffords stache

"tattoo party"

nuff said.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

the beginning and the end

woke up and went to the gym.  I felt productive.

got home and I started the laundry and did some cleaning. pretty productive.

then I proceeded to watch some more of the office. somewhat productive.

got on my computer and did God knows what. for way too long. not productive.

it took everything in me to even just get in the shower. It was my day off AND I didn't have Stella.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  I finally put some make up on and this is how I felt


luckily towards the end of the evening started picking up again. I went to Calvary Redlands with Carynn and Tyler De and it was SO SO good.  The worship and the message was incredible.  I think that I will return. After church Carynn and I ordered pizza and watched Dexter...at least I did.  Carynn was talking about and she was so so pumped but she passed out.  I watched the whole thing and am COMPLETELY addicted.  I need to catch up the seasons before this so I know exactly whats going on. Thank you Carynn for getting me hooked to another show :)

Ryan sent me a really awesome email cause we werent able to talk very much the last day or so heres one of my favorite lines, "you understand me more then any person has. I want to be with you more then anything imaginable."
could I even ask for a sweeter boyfriend? Being liked is incredible.



everything was great till we saw Nights at Rodanthe....LAME.

I miss Ryan.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Took a little trip...

to Escondido to go see my grandpa today. I was really hard to be there talking to him knowing that he had no clue who I was :(  They said he was doing a lot better today and he actually ate food so thats all positive but it wasn't easier on my sisters or I.  Its all too reminiscent of the passing of my grandpa Sid. Alzheimer's is such a heartbreaking disease...at least for those who have to watch their love ones go through it. They are robbed of their memory, at least of any recent memories...its so painful to watch I cant even begin to understand how it feels to be experiencing it.  But one of the positives going down there today was that I got see like 4 of my aunts that I havent seen in like 5 years cause they moved out of state. Heres some pics. The Andrews gene is VERY strong its a little bit scary. There's no denying Im part of this family :)


I love this picture...four generations.  

this is my Grandma Veronica. Shes 4 feet 8 inches tall. I love every inch.


tonight: gym then movie. done.

p.s. LOVE my sisters

Friday, September 26, 2008


Im bummed...but she makes it a whole lot easier



She keeps telling me she wants to go to school, and that she wants to go by herself.  The very thought of her going to school makes me anxious but shes very adamant about it.  I think Ill look into some preschools to see what the situation is. Maybe she can just go like 2 days a week or something...eeek shes getting so big!

I got my haircut today, couldn't stand it anymore! And I LOVE it


tomorrows San Diego to see grandpa and date night. Bittersweet.

Ryan says Denmark is beautiful. Im jealous. xo.

my grandpa...

isn't doing so well.  These situations can never be easy :(Photobucket

Thursday, September 25, 2008



Jim and Pam are engaged...Im such a sucker! I love it. The scene gave me goose bumps. Why cant Jim and Pam be real? Im pretty sure that Carynn, Ryan, Burak, and I could all be friends with them (in perfect world :) And is it just me, or is Dwight crazier then ever? Enough about the office...today felt really long but it was good.

Work is slow again. I sat there as long as I could possibly take it, but I had to leave, I cant wait for the economy to even out again. I NEED that consistency, its part of my survival. (thats not dramatic at all). After a good and long conversation with Ryan i felt much better about things. Im a natural stressor, so its really easy for me to get down about things which goes hand in hand with my anxiety. I usually internalize but Ryan, even though he's all the way in Germany, can still recognize when Im anxious and compensates. MY BOYFRIEND RULES. This seems to apply..."he knew what he was about even if the rest of the world didn't".

Lunch at Applebees with Carynn is pretty much my jam right now.  I thought the the you pick two combo was the best idea until i saw the mini desserts :). If it wasn't for the waitresses terrible attitude it would have been a perfect lunch. (Ill get off my lunchtime soapbox now).

P.s. I wish that I could draw. Watching Carynn do her project today really made me wish that I had even an ounce of artistic ability. Ill stick with hairdressing as my creative vice though....if only people were coming in to get their hair done :) Im just realizing a lot of my loves have this ability...Carynn, Lauren, Faith, and Amanda are all EXTREMELY talented. Man i have so kick ass friends. 

Hopefully Ill be going to see Zoe Youngsma tomorrow!

highlight of my day

I mean so far...the office still hasnt aired yet. It will have to be pretty amazing to beat this. Which I think this is pretty spectacular

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow

justed wanted to save it


I made the switch...

well...because my gf did. And Lauren, and Dena, and Shannon all have blogger. Why not right? I haven't blogged for awhile and Im not very good at the catching up on all the stuff I never wrote about. But heres a few things going on and going down. I wrote a blog a little while back about how I've seen so many great flicks this summer and this last month of movie going did not disappoint!

It got terrible reviews but I thought that it was absoutely hilarious! It was geared towards a younger crowd but it was rated PG13 so I think that was the problem...

Yes another one of those "spoof" films but it was pretty freaking funny!

Anna Farris is fantastic in this movie, although shes obviously type casted she does it well...very funny movie

Stella and I had been dying for a new animated movie to come out since Kung Fu Panda and this was it. Although it was very dark and had a lot of mature content it was good. Stella wasn't really down for it because there wasn't enough color and singing :)

things of importance that has happened in the last week or so:
-hung out with the Auers...two words...Crocodile Rock...LOVE them
-did some hair for a wedding in Laguna Beach for my client Theresa, she looked GREAT!
-hung out with Ryans family last saturday afternoon for Ethels 80th birthday :), it was so much fun! Hes got a great family! I love hanging out with his sister Bre and his mom. Cause all they do is tell old stories of Ryan, at some point Im balling from laughing so hard. His dad is funny too...hes just more undercover about it ;)
-Saturday night was the h2O and Rancid show. It was amazing! Kyle, Dena, Kevin, Lauren, Ryan and I all hung out at the HOB Anaheim, and watched Laurens two most favorite bands play on the same stage in the same night! It was incredible! H2O was great, but once Rancid came on it was like the place doubled in people and the crowd just went INSANE! So much sweat, mosh, booze, and titties flying all over the place. I could only take it for so long then I had to go upstairs and watch from distance. Still good.
-Sunday Ryan and I went to McDuffs for breakfast, Im not sure if there are many places that can beat the breakfast at McDuffs
-Monday Ryan left for Europe :( He'll be gone for almost a month, I miss him so much already!
-Yesterday I got to see Carynn AND Kevin it was a double treat!  I love them both so much, and then when its both of them it LOVE overload! Then Burak, Stafford, Stella, and I went and saw Igor went to chipotle and we all realized that Burak and Stafford looked as though they were a couple :)

I love my life my family and my friends. Everything's real good right now. Cant complain.