Thursday, October 2, 2008

today felt like it moved in slow motion

I worked this morning for merchconnection which is great, so mellow, I dont have to deal with people AND I like helping Ryan out, especially while hes gone :(  Today felt like it ws moving in slow motion because I feel like Im just waiting to get the call from my mom about my grandpa. Were going to see my grandpa Saturday afternoon, I just hope that he makes it till then.  My mom says hes not doing well and theyre letting him go home so he can "go" as peaceful as possible.

The last few days Stella has been calling one of her books her "Bible" so I thought that it was definitely time I go get her an actual Bible.  I told her I would take her to the book store after Betseys and we'd go find her a Bible. She was SO stoked! We found one that worked and the only time shes put it down since we bought it was about an hour ago when I put her to sleep. She LOVES it, sounds like her pre-k years are off to a positive start. Here are some pics to document he love affair with her new read....
Stella and I went and picked up Carynn at market night so the three of us could make it home in time to see the new episode of the Office...much to Stellas dismay there was not a new episode that aired tonight, she CRIED.  What have I created? Actually Ill put this one on Carynn :)


definitely a happy ending

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The Marshmans said...

Holy Cow!! She is a girl now! it goes way too fast.