Saturday, January 10, 2009


I had absolutely had NO plans today. I hated it at first but have loved the fact that we didn't have a million places to be and a million people to see today. Being home helps me appreciate who and what I have. Also, it gives me a chance to watch Stella play and interact. I am able to see what intrigues her, makes her happy, makes her bored, and unfortunately what irritates her (she lets me know at high levels when she is irritated :) Anyways I did my friend Lisa's hair for a wedding and then Ryan, Stella and I all went to breakfast at Redlands Family Restaurant, which is affordable AND fantastic. After that we watched some movies, played some Wii, and took a wonderful nap. I finished season one of Lipstick Jungle today and I am feening for season 2 unfortunately its still airing so its not on DVD yet, so I am killing time while some episodes download from itunes.

As far back as I can remember I have been about 5 feet tall. Carynn seemed to think I had a growth spurt and was taller then that. I believed her for a minute but three things happened this week that made me feel like my spurt was temporary...

1. I could not pull Stella out of the shopping cart at Albertsons because I was too short...or shes too tall Im not sure. But I would have had to pick her up above my head to get her out.

2. FOR THE LIFE OF ME I could not reach my top shelf at work today. I swear when I moved into the salon I was able to reach, now today I was not able to and hand to climb on the counter to reach it.

3. I was trying to pull the cork out of a bottle of Framboise tonight but the bottle was too tall for me to uncork. I had to stick the bottle in a drawer(which is lower then the kitchen counter) so I could be above it and then open it. Let me tell you, before that drawer trick I was STRUGGLING!

I need to get some TALL shoes!

from today....

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