Monday, November 17, 2008

weekend rundown...


Worked all day and did my sisters hair so that was fun. For weeks I had been planning to go to Chad and Tyler De's show at the Knitting Factory. They were going on at 930 so we left at 715, after sitting in DEAD STOP traffic for almost an hour, with no end in sight, we turned around and went home. We were barely in Pomona at 830...we would have never made it :( We got home went downtown for ice cream and went for a walk. Not exactly the Friday night I had envisioned but it was nice to say the least.


Worked in the morning and then went over to Moreno Valley to pick up Stella. We ended up just staying and hanging out with my family. My mom, Stella, and I went to Target (Stellas favorite store) while Ryan and my Dad ate their "second lunch" at In N Out.PhotobucketPhotobucket
My mom made dinner and it was seriously the best tasting dinner I have had in a really long time...I miss my moms home cooking, ALOT. We hung out, watched the USC game, and watched part of the UFC fight. All in all good night

Went to church. Went to In N Out with both Fisher clans then headed to Lake Elsinore for Demetri's first birthday. It was great, jumoer, snacks, Coronas, pizza and best of all cup cakes

After the party Ryan and I were supposed to go to Disneyland but it was getting late and I wanted to make sure I was around to get Stella after she got back from her cousins house. We went P.F. Changs for dinner, which was MAGNIFICENT, and then went to go play mini golf at Fiesta Village.
Im not super competitive when it comes to miniature golf but I was kind of kicking Ryans ass so it was kind of awesome.
It takes a real man to swing a club thats 2 ft long

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