Saturday, November 29, 2008

friday and saturday

were/have been pretty eventful.

Friday morning we got up and got ready and went to have breakfast at Arthurs in Mentone, which is absolutely fantastic. Not only does it taste like my mama made it, but apparently they used to feed farmers so you definitely get your moneys worth. The day had already been a rough one and it wasn't even 10 am yet. Stella had decided that she was having a bad day, and wanted everyone to know about it. She refused to listened and whined pretty much about everything, keep in mind I am weening her off her pacifier that she had lived with a loved with all her heart for the entire three years she has been alive. But even when she is driving me ABSOLUTELY crazy, she still gets me...


him on the other hand...he was not amused :)
p.s picture above taken by Stella, she is an aspiring photographer

Ryan and I braved Macys on the dreaded "black friday" but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I mean parking was a bitch and there were people EVERYWHERE but we made it in there, got what we needed, and made it out in one piece and in under 45 minutes.

After a 3 hour tantrum, whining about EVERYTHING, ANYTHING, and NOTHING all at the same time, we finally make it home to put the princess in a timeout and then down for the anxiously awaited nap. She woke up in an okay mood and we were able to make through the next few hours :)

That night was Kyle Mitchells wedding. The ceremony was at Edwards Mansion and the reception was at the Mitchells house in Yucaipa. It was really nice and REALLY cold! Jackets and heaters were all the rage at this beautiful outside-evening wedding. This was the best pic I got of Kyle and his wife Nadine doing their first dance to "At Last" by Ella Fitzgerald, a classic, but so so beautiful...
One of the best parts about the wedding, besides the wedding :), was being able to hang out with Kortny. MAN I miss that woman, her living in Washington is really putting a damper on things. But she looked amazing and I am so so grateful for the time we were able to sit and talk. I love her more then words could portray.
Since Ryan and I were all dressed up for the wedding, naturally I wanted a picture of the two of us. Of course there is no one around so we had to rely on the trusty Macbook photobooth. It seemed to work out...

This morning I got up way too early was out of the door and off to work by 745am, ewwwwwww. I HATE working Saturdays. The hardest part is just getting there I suppose because once I am there I am okay. P.S. I LOVE my new salon! Before Ryan and I picked up Stella we stopped by Best Buy to check out the deals on DVDS, and they were absolutely fantastic. $3.99 for movies that go for $14 and TV on DVD for like $10, it was great!
Thank you best buy

And last but certainly not least. We finally got rid of the pacifier. 3 years, one week, and one day Stella said her fond farewell to this beloved token of comfort and delight. We tied her last "fries" to a couple of balloons and sent them to the "babies in heaven".
I think this is so hard on me because its the last link to her being a baby...tonight, along with Stella, I will mourn the departure of this 3 inch piece of plastic, but its not cause she'll cry for it, but because "baby Stella" has retired.


Frates Baby Farm said...

The girls are growing sad. and Ryan are absolutely adorable. Hugs and kisses...

kali erin said...

RIP fries. :'(

The Marshmans said...

Ha! I just did the same thing with Georgia this week! I wanted to hang her off the balcony in the snowy cold weather a few times this week! Congrats.. It sucks how fast it goes but they are becoming so fun in other ways!

Lauren Fisher said...

So I guess I can throw away the six I have around my house in case of an emergency?!?!?