Friday, November 28, 2008

Im feening for pumkin pie...

I had a little taste but apparently it wasn't enough :)

Yesterday was my favorite holiday, and for very good reason!


All of the above was had, it wasn't a big picture day but I did take these.

Carynn bought this dress for Stella a while back but Thanksgiving was the perfect event to debut it.


And of course another picture of Stella and Grandma Ronnie. Stella is OBSESSED with her. Like I mentioned before my grandma is only 4 feet 8 inches tall so Im pretty sure she Stella thinks shes a kid :)


After my parents house we went over to Ryans family, he ate again, and we hung out. Played some board games and such. The day was great until we got on the 91 freeway :( traffic FOR DAYS!

I love my family.

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