Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I made the switch...

well...because my gf did. And Lauren, and Dena, and Shannon all have blogger. Why not right? I haven't blogged for awhile and Im not very good at the catching up on all the stuff I never wrote about. But heres a few things going on and going down. I wrote a blog a little while back about how I've seen so many great flicks this summer and this last month of movie going did not disappoint!

It got terrible reviews but I thought that it was absoutely hilarious! It was geared towards a younger crowd but it was rated PG13 so I think that was the problem...

Yes another one of those "spoof" films but it was pretty freaking funny!

Anna Farris is fantastic in this movie, although shes obviously type casted she does it well...very funny movie

Stella and I had been dying for a new animated movie to come out since Kung Fu Panda and this was it. Although it was very dark and had a lot of mature content it was good. Stella wasn't really down for it because there wasn't enough color and singing :)

things of importance that has happened in the last week or so:
-hung out with the Auers...two words...Crocodile Rock...LOVE them
-did some hair for a wedding in Laguna Beach for my client Theresa, she looked GREAT!
-hung out with Ryans family last saturday afternoon for Ethels 80th birthday :), it was so much fun! Hes got a great family! I love hanging out with his sister Bre and his mom. Cause all they do is tell old stories of Ryan, at some point Im balling from laughing so hard. His dad is funny too...hes just more undercover about it ;)
-Saturday night was the h2O and Rancid show. It was amazing! Kyle, Dena, Kevin, Lauren, Ryan and I all hung out at the HOB Anaheim, and watched Laurens two most favorite bands play on the same stage in the same night! It was incredible! H2O was great, but once Rancid came on it was like the place doubled in people and the crowd just went INSANE! So much sweat, mosh, booze, and titties flying all over the place. I could only take it for so long then I had to go upstairs and watch from distance. Still good.
-Sunday Ryan and I went to McDuffs for breakfast, Im not sure if there are many places that can beat the breakfast at McDuffs
-Monday Ryan left for Europe :( He'll be gone for almost a month, I miss him so much already!
-Yesterday I got to see Carynn AND Kevin it was a double treat!  I love them both so much, and then when its both of them it LOVE overload! Then Burak, Stafford, Stella, and I went and saw Igor went to chipotle and we all realized that Burak and Stafford looked as though they were a couple :)

I love my life my family and my friends. Everything's real good right now. Cant complain.