Thursday, September 25, 2008



Jim and Pam are engaged...Im such a sucker! I love it. The scene gave me goose bumps. Why cant Jim and Pam be real? Im pretty sure that Carynn, Ryan, Burak, and I could all be friends with them (in perfect world :) And is it just me, or is Dwight crazier then ever? Enough about the felt really long but it was good.

Work is slow again. I sat there as long as I could possibly take it, but I had to leave, I cant wait for the economy to even out again. I NEED that consistency, its part of my survival. (thats not dramatic at all). After a good and long conversation with Ryan i felt much better about things. Im a natural stressor, so its really easy for me to get down about things which goes hand in hand with my anxiety. I usually internalize but Ryan, even though he's all the way in Germany, can still recognize when Im anxious and compensates. MY BOYFRIEND RULES. This seems to apply..."he knew what he was about even if the rest of the world didn't".

Lunch at Applebees with Carynn is pretty much my jam right now.  I thought the the you pick two combo was the best idea until i saw the mini desserts :). If it wasn't for the waitresses terrible attitude it would have been a perfect lunch. (Ill get off my lunchtime soapbox now).

P.s. I wish that I could draw. Watching Carynn do her project today really made me wish that I had even an ounce of artistic ability. Ill stick with hairdressing as my creative vice though....if only people were coming in to get their hair done :) Im just realizing a lot of my loves have this ability...Carynn, Lauren, Faith, and Amanda are all EXTREMELY talented. Man i have so kick ass friends. 

Hopefully Ill be going to see Zoe Youngsma tomorrow!

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