Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

So Ryan and I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead the other night and it really affected me. Im not the person to just agree with every documentary and what its trying to prove. Im actually quite the opposite, a devils advocate if you will. But this documentary is about a man named Joe Cross that was overweight and was also suffering from an autoimmune disorder. He goes on a 60 day juice fast in order to cleanse his system, loose weight, adjust his taste buds, and ultimately change the way he views food and what he puts into his body.


Needless to say I was inspired! Im not usually one post or promote something like this especially since I tend to fail and these sorts of changes but I would really love to make some changes. My intention in posting this is for accountability to myself and maybe some pointers here and there. I know I have friends that like to juice so hit me with your favorite recipe!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention they follow s woman that is also doing the cleanse, she suffers from migraines. After her cleanse her migraines were GONE! That alone is worth it to me. I also suffer from migraines, debilitating migraines and if that was the only result from the juice cleanse that would be enough.

Ryan, my wonderful husband will be doing it with me so it will make it that much easier. I wont have to be sitting at Red Robin watching him eat french fries while Im drinking liquid spinach :) We are committing to a 17 day juice fast. Just a little over two weeks I think i can do, at least for now. After that time I will evaluate, go to vegas for my birthday, and see how Im feeling.

So I got a Juiceman. Works great! AND it was on sale at Target for $60!

Okay so here was my first juice minus the grapes....I know I know its not green. Lunch will be :)

Looks so pretty

The juicer was super easy to take apart and clean...till next time

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with love, the fishers said...

I just watched that documentary last week, those movies always get to me. I don't think we realize how food really does effect our bodies & how sick we can make ourselves with the kind of food we eat.
I'm totally rooting for you girl! I know you can do it. And if you love it, I might jump on the juicing bandwagon!