Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 10th

My 27th birthday! The day started out so so great. Carynn came over in the mornign cause she ditched or slept in or something, either way it was great to have her joining me on my b'day. She gave me my gift....ELTON JOHN tickets for his ONLY show in the US for that tour. Let me just tell you, a couple years ago Carynn and I decided that we were no longer just gonna go to "shows" we wanted to go to concerts. And we have been to some fantastic concerts, from Lionel Richie, Celine Dion, and Jimmy Eat World just to name a few. Oh yeah and we are going to see Lady Gaga tomorrow :) But Elton John was always one of those shows we mentioned but never really though it would come to be. Well that dream has come true! November 3rd I will be tiny dancing to your song while Im feeling the love tonight on my rocket man. <--- too much?

We had orientation for Stella since she was starting kindergarten this week. We got to tour her class, meet her teacher Mrs. Walker and she also did an activity so the teacher was able to model her teaching style. The activity was to have all the kids create a self portrait which was pretty entertaining to watch and help with.

Heres Stellas
She was SO proud of herself. We really liked her teacher and am really looking forward to all the fun things Stella will do and all that she will learn. ( I only had a brief emotional moment :)

After that Stella, Carynn, and I went to Olive Garden for something birthday lunch. I had my usual, Olive Garden hardly ever fails. Heres my dates...

And just when I thought my day couldn't get any better Ryan came home early cause he said he had a birthday surprise for me. I've learned with Ryan that surprises are hardly ever what I would expect them to be so I try not to think about it too much. He came home with a bowl full of "nuts about raspberries and chocolate", my fave trail mix from Trader Joes. But the thing about this trail mix is that it has almonds and I LOATHE almonds. Ryan had picked out ALL of the almonds and had about 3 bags worth in this bowl. It would not have surprised me if this alone was the gift since he had already bought my Lady Gaga tickets. But that waSN'T ALLL!!!


Yep thats a ring you see in that bowl full of greatness. Im OFFICIALLY engaged! I've been planning our wedding for about a month a half now without this lil beauty but yesterday he made an honest woman out of me! And the ring is more beautiful then I could have ever imagined. Yes he did ask and told me he loved me. Yes its the first time he ever uttered those words to me or any other girl beside his mom for that matter. He once told me, before we were dating, that he had not ever said that to a girl because he wanted to wait till he asked a woman to marry him so he only had to say it to one woman for the rest of her sweet and romantic right? Yeah well try dating a man for 2 and a half plus years without ever hearing those words. Let me just say that it was totally worth the wait. The heaviness those words had on my heart as they left his lips could never be described. It was such an incredible feeling. I LOVE Ryan Andrew Nelson!!!


That night with a few of my favorites we went to PF Changs for dinner ( I eat too much :)


So that wraps up my birthday. It was a great one and I was sad to see it go. Until 28....

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Candice Brouillette said...

Good Lord! Its gorgeous! congrats! and that is seriously the sweetest proposal. how amazing is it to think youre the only woman he'll ever say that too... swooon!