Sunday, August 28, 2011

the Juice


The juice did me good! But boy was I happy to eat some food I could chew :) At the end of the two week juice fast I had clarity of thought, an appreciation of veggies and what they do for your body, and I was 11 lbs lighter! Ryan did the fast for 10 days and experienced just as much benefit as I did. Probably even more since he could care less about a number on the scale and dudes always lose way more then the ladies...its quite upsetting :) The last four days of the fast were the most difficult since Ryan had started incorporating food. I felt so grateful that he was willing to the fast with me to begin with, I did't realize how much easier it was with a buddy until he wasn't doing it any more.

Now that its over Ryan have been making wiser, healthier food choices and huge part of it was not eating out as much. Its so rewarding to eat at home and know that we are making good decisions for our bodies, mind, and essentially the wellness of our family as a whole. I didn't go through all the pantries and clean every thing out thats "not healthy" because I know myself...I would start to panic and eat a box of Oreos. We are slowly switching out the processed and saturated fat filled foods with organic, free range, and raw foods. Though the price is higher the taste is better and I am DOWN for that!

P.S. I still love ice cream. Just making sure I dont substitute a meal for it or eat a whole carton with out even blinking :)

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