Thursday, April 16, 2009


Carynn tagged me to do 10 things I love with the letter R. Here I go...

!. Ryan
Do I really need to explain? Hes amazing! He takes care of 3 girls on a daily basis and still keeps the insanity down to a minimum. He stresses about nothing and calms me with the sound of his voice. He has no ulterior motives, straight forward, and means what he says...he is my best friend.

2. Redlands

3. Reality TV. Guilty pleasure. You put a reality TV show on, its about a 99% chance that I'll like it, watch it, Tivo it, and blog about it :)

4. Ryan Adams
Rock and Roll.
Love is Hell.
Cold Roses.
Easy Tiger.

nuff said

5. Ruby Clark

6. the Radio

103. 5

I <3 Karen Sharpe

7. Rappers

8. Relatives

9. Roses...cheezy I know but I LOVE them. Just look at my neck ;) Classic. Elegant. Beautiful. Send me some.

10. Rewriting things until my writing is exactly how I want it to look. A little obsessive but I get a sick satisfaction out of rewriting and redoing it till it looks perfect

the end

oh yeah oh yeah

I tag (if you want to :)

1. Kali with -A
2. Jeanie with -S
3. Dena with -N
4. Amanda Auer with -J

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A Boy Named Demetri said...

aww. I wish my name started with an R. ah ha. J/k. Now that u taggd' me. I'll get around to it, I prom. Also, so much fun with u today. U know my heart and I love u for it. xoxo

When we get back from our travels, lets plan a beach day fo shizz.